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Community Programs

CAMP 911: The Department is a safety oriented program geared for children in grades 3-5. It stresses such safety items as when and how to call 911, emergency services response, bystander care, bicycle, car and pedestrian safety, safety at home and at school and internet safety. The program is presented by members of local police, fire and EMS agencies.

2016 Camp 911 - July 11-14

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Children have the opportunity to view and touch emergency vehicles and engage in hands on demonstrations including a "smoke house", fire hose handling, vehicle rollover demonstrations and police K-9 presentations. CAMP 911 is usually held in late June or early July each summer. Priority is given to those campers who have never attended. For more information on CAMP 911, you may call the Police Department. 

CHRISTMAS BICYCLE GIVE-AWAY: The Bike Giveaway Program was created in 2006 by Officer Szmansky, the school liaison officer, to give the Swartz Creek Police Department a way of utilizing unclaimed bikes that were collected throughout the year.  His intent was to allow students with good behavior, who may otherwise not be able to receive such a gift, to receive a bike during the holiday season. 

The program has grown over the years from four or five bikes to twenty two bikes in the December 2012 giveaway.  This growth is due in large part to the generosity of WalMart, Matt Assenmacher, owner of Assenmachers Bike Shop and local citizens throughout the community.  With these difficult times this program has turned out to be a positive outreach to the local citizens of Swartz Creek. 

COPS IN THE PARK: This program was created in 2011 to utilize the parks in the City of Swartz Creek, particularly the Elms Road Park. There was need for children to have positive influences not only in the schools but throughout the summer months.  Officer Szmansky infuses sports, arts and crafts, roll modeling, good behavior, friendships and camaraderie.  At the end of each day, the attendees get an opportunity to compliment someone on their behavior and their efforts for the day, further promoting positive behavior and friendships while utilizing the beautiful Elms Road Park. 

Program Dates for 2016:  August  15-26 from 9am-5pm


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In addition to this event, we have a bike rodeo teaching and utilizing good bike safety tips to allow the attendees to remember safety while riding their bikes on the roadway.  Assenmacher Bike Shop is a part of this program in inspecting, doing minor repairs and adjustments to the bikes that are in the rodeo.  If not for the generosity of the Swartz Creek Kiwanis Club we would not be able to have this program.  Children from ages 4 through 19, all around Genesee County are allowed to attend this week long event in the park during the month of August.

SHOP WITH A HERO: This program is an event that is designated to less fortunate children in Swartz Creek Schools. The children are chosen by the counselors and staff members at each school. Four to five children from each school get to shop with a Hero. WalMart, for the last five years, has been a sponsor for this program. The children are given the opportunity to shop with a Firefighter or a Police Officer from the Swartz Creek area.

They are given a certain dollar amount to shop for their family members and themselves as well as being able to have dinner with the hero. It is such an honor to shop with these young people and work with WalMart. The positive influence that it has on our community is immeasurable. The looks on the young peoples face when they are able to not only get and give gifts, but to shop with a local Firefighter or Police Officer further create a positive influence on our youths.

OPERATION IDENTIFICATION: The Department does have electric engravers available to loan to residents of the City for the purpose of permanently marking valuables with unique identification indicators. Telephone the Department to make arrangements.

OPERATION CARE: The Department provides a service to City residents living alone, who are home bound by health, age or other circumstances, where an officer will check the citizens on a regular basis to ensure that they are not in need of urgent or emergency services. The Department will maintain a contact list for these individuals and will make contacts as necessary. The Department does not provide transportation or errand services as part of Operation Care.

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