City Streets Updates - March 2017

The pre-construction meeting for the reconstruction and rehabilitation projects has been held. We are still awaiting final details regarding waste collection options during construction and the final forestry plan. For now, it appears that waste collection will be at the curb for most of the project. The revised plans also call for replacement 5' sidewalk on both sides of Chesterfield, Worchester, and Winston.

Expect the gas line replacement to end at the beginning of April, followed by tree removal. Watermain replacement will then commence in phases, with street construction to occur in late summer/early fall. Check out the proposed construction schedule here.

Preventative maintenance bids have been approved for seal coating for about half of the downtown streets, including First, Second, Third, Wade, Brady (north of Ingalls), McLain (north of Ingalls), Ford, Hayes, as well as Jennie Lane in Ottoburn Heights.  This project will create a lessor distrubance and require less time than the rehabilitation and reconstruction projects. A time has not yet been set for commencement.