October Street Updates

The finishing touches have been applied to Ingalls and Abbey, with a small amount of ground restoration still needed. As of writing, the preventative maintenance "cape seal" is being applied to the downtown streets and Jennie Lane. It looks good! Better late than never...pretty sure if we read past articles, it was supposed to happen in July.
Concerning our reconstruction projects, the watermain work is a thing of the past! Sidewalks and road demolition are underway now, with most work complete on Worchester and Chesterfield. Curbs and drive approaches are due in the month of October, with asphalt expected to quickly follow. The engineer and contract both affirm the ability and motivation to complete on schedule by mid-November, but we definitely lost time. There is no question that the flat work (concrete sub-contractor) had some scheduling issues which slowed down the demolition work of the general contractor, along with subsequent asphalt work.
The contractor will do their best to notify residents of drive access interruptions due to concrete work, as well as parking arrangements. If you are ticketed for on street parking in relation to this issue, please contact city hall! Please work with us during this most difficult phase. We understand that timing is not as reliable as we would like and that a lack of drive access is very inconvenient.

Trick or Treating in the city will officially be recognized on October 31st from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Treat or Treating will NOT be permitted in the street reconstructions zones of Worchester, Chesterfield, and Winston Drives for safety reasons!