March Street Update

2018 will not be as busy as 2017. However, those residents on Daval will probably wish they were somewhere else by mid-summer.

Reconstruction of Daval is the sole reconstruction project for this year. Any rehabilitiation or maintenance projects will be announced in future reports.

The Daval project, though smaller in scope, will resemble the reconstruction efforts from last year and include the following:

  • Replacement of Consumers Energy gas services by Consumers Energy and/or their private contractors (March)
  • Removal of most street right-of-way trees (March)
  • Replacement of all water main, water services, and storm drain features (April-July)
  • Removal and replacment of the street, curb, gutter, sidewalk, street trees, select decorative lamps/signs (July-September)
Staging for construction is to take place in Winshall Park, near Whitney Court. Equipment and materials will be here throughout the duration of the project.

Waste and recycling is still planned for curbside pickup.

Driveway interuptions will occur as necessary to trench water main, remove/replace curb/sidewalk/drive approaches. The estimated interuptions that are expected to deny access are overnight is set at 6-8 days. The contract will inform you in advance of these interuptions and indicate where you should be able to park.

See prior reports (below) to view the FAQ, which covers forestry, timelines, and other common matters.

Common contacts are:

City Hall (general questions):                 810.635.4464

Joe Pacek (construction issues):               810.869.5108

Contractor (for private work add-ons):     810.487.1560