May Street Updates

May 17, 2018 Supplement:  Restoration for 2017 projects is going to be increased in scope due to concerns about stones, roots, and grading issues. The contractor shall be engaged in additional restoration efforts that are expected to be complete by May 25th. Some additional trees shall be installed as well. Contact the city office if you are in the impacted area and desire one.
The Daval reconstruction is moving along. Sidewalks are in, with driveways and curb to follow. Road demolition is underway. With any luck the project should be substantially complete by mid-summer.
Additional work that has been slated for 2018 includes crack filling on:
Miller from Dye to Morrish
Parkridge Subdivision
Jennie Lane
Church Street
Rehabilitation is going to occur on:
Mason Street
Paul Fortino Drive
Maple/Crapo (repair by Morrish only)
Helmsley is projected to be reconstructed in 2019
See prior reports (below) to view the FAQ, which covers forestry, contacts, and other common matters.