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August Update!

Work on Abbey Lane and Ingalls Street is underway, with concrete work and milling of asphalt occuring the week of the 14th. The plan is to have substantial completion before school starts. There is more rain that is typical for August in the forecast that we hope we can work through.

We are still unable to pin down the contractor that was approved to apply the cape seal to the streets slated for preventative maintanance. This work was to begin on July 25th and has still not commenced. Once the contractor begins, all work should be completed within two or three business days and cause minimal disruption.

Reconstruction efforts will be in full swing soon for Chesterfield, Winston, and Worchester. This process will include total street, curb, drive approach, and sidewalk removal and replacement. There will be pronounced dust, noise, and access issues. Please work with our contractor to complete this as painlessly as possible. If you are experiencing issues that appear to be outside the expected scope of a reconstruction, please contact the city office at 810.635.4464.