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May 2019 Street Update

The schedule for our 2019 street projects has been updated. For a description of the full scope of work, see the March update below.

Fairchild Street is due to commence on or around June 10th, with the udnerstanding that the State of Michigan is expected to 'forgive' the additional snow day requirement that would otherwise require school to remain in session that week. Note that the city council is expected to approve an intersection study for Cappy Lane and Fairchild to ascertain what changes might be warrented to maintain safe vehicle and pedestrian use. This corridor will also be a primary focus for the Safe Routes to School Initiative that is due to occur this summer.

Helmsley Drive is also due to commence on or around mid-June, with the understanding that the project will be substantially complete prior to the commencement of fall class at Syring.

The downtown streetscape will commence after the Hometown Days festival.

Surface maintenance on streets in the form of crack sealing may also be performed in the fall. A scope of work has not yet been developed.

Hill Road rehabilitation was submitted to the state for 'Catagory B' funding. The status of this applicatoin is not known. Work will not commence without a grant award.