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March 2020 Street Update

We are entering into another season of street renovations! Big projects are on the way, but this year is a bit different because the projects were bid with a USDA water main project. This means that more work than normal is on the agenda, but the project is to be spread over TWO SUMMERS. We will have a firm understanding of which project components will be scheduled for 2020 after the city's engineer and contractor are able to meet and affirm details. Here is a summary of the street projects that were bid:
Winston (Chesterfield to Oakview)
Oakview (Winston to Seymour:
Oxford Court
All sections will include full street demolitions and replacement, with curbs, sidewalk, water main, street forestry, and some lighting components.
Note that this project is being split into sections to accommodate the scope of water main work also being conducted in other areas (Morrish Road, Bristol Road, and Miller Road). We must also navigate the school improvements at Syring. With that said, we suspect Winston, the east block of Chelmsford (with Oxford), and the east block of Oakview will be complete in 2020. This can and probably will change!
Glaeser Dawes was the sealed low-bid award winner. This is the company that has completed the last few projects in Winchester Village, excluding 2019 Fairchild Street work. They will NOT be staging in Abrams Park this year.