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May Street Update

Street construction is expected to begin in June. Due to the scale of the project, work will be split into two years. The first year is expected to include:
Chelmsord from Winston to Daval
Winston from Chesterfield to Chelmsford
Oakview from Chelmsford to Daval
Oxford Court
Year two will include:
Chelmsford from Daval to Seymour
Oakview from Daval to Seymour
Improvements will include new water main; removal and replacement of the street, sidewalks, curbs; forestery; limited drainage work; lighting improvements; decorative signs.
Waste services and postal service will continue, but interuptions/delays are expected.
The rational behind the selection of projects is to construct from east to west. This will limit the amount of 2021 construction traffic that will require access over new streets.