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October 2021 Street Update

As of writing, Oakview Drive has most of the concrete work complete and has the base coat of asphalt down. Chelmsford concrete work is ongoing, with paving expected yet this month. The final coat of asphalt will then be put in place. Forestry and restoration will commence this fall, with touch-up work to be completed in the spring. Consumers Energy has not given a date for street light installation.
Future projects have not been set, pending the results of a water main grant submission. If the USDA grant is favorable, it is expected that the rest of the village water main will be completed in the summers of 2023 and 2024. This will include accompanying road reconstruction. Areas included would be Greenleaf, Durwood, Norbury, Whitney, and Winshall. Cappy and Don Shenk will be last in the Village. Streets in Winchester Woods are also under preliminary engineering and would likely be completed as surface rehabilitation projects at the same time. This work would be bonded and completed ahead of schedule.
If the USDA grant is not favorable, the city will proceed with water main replacement and street reconstruction on one street, either Greenleaf or Winshall. Stay tuned!