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April 2022 Street Update

2022 is going to be very busy in Swartz Creek. Miller Road water main is finishing up now, but replacement curb work and restoration will continue into late spring. Morrish Road rehabilitation is underway. This is a resurfacing project from Bristol to Miller that was selected for funding by the Genesee County Traffic Improvement Program. Some folks have asked, "why this road." The answer lies in the old adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This street has surface deterioration, but a strong base. As such, the road received federal rehabilitation funds to address the surface prior to major defects. This road project will take about ten weeks, with the south bound lane closed for phase one and the north bound land closed for phase two. This is the best solution available given practical consideration, design requirements, and MDOT traffic control guidance. The project will also include a left turn lane on Paul Fortino, onto Morrish.

To address additional street deterioration, several local street projects will also be completed by this fall. These projects will be surface rehabilitation, but they will provide timely maintenance to protect road bases and improve the surface. The projects should also progress much faster. Areas approved for resurfacing include: Hill Road (Seymour to city limits), Seymour Road (Miller to city limits) and Bristol Road (Elms to city limits, including base repair at Jennie Lane). In addition, we expect to have surface restoration for the Library/Senior Center/Civic area parking lot. Notice will go out to those organizations to avoid service disruptions.

Miller Road, from Morrish to Seymour, has been selected for TIP federal funding. The year of construction has not been determined but is likely to be 2024.

Lastly, even bigger plans are in the works for 2023-2024. A USDA phase II investment will enable water main replacement for those streets in Winchester Village that are still on original cast iron mains. Concurrent with this, we will be reconstructing those streets in the same manner as the recent projects. Engineering is already underway, with bids to be solicited later this year to finish up this work. Doing so will bring us very close to substantial completion of the Winchester Village infrastructure investment. Note that we are already hearing of major delays (months, perhaps a year) on such supplies. We are not expecting delays for a 2023 commencement yet, but such supply issues may become a reality. We expect to be resurfacing much of Winchester Woods at this time as well.