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May 2022 Street Update

Please see the April update below for general information about the 2022 construction season!
The contractor that is working on Morrish is moving along now. Milling is underway, and limited paving will be performed by mid-May. If things go well, they will be able to pave more than half of the southern section (miller to I69) and ALL of the northern section. This could open Morrish to two-way traffic by mid-May. This is not a guarantee, but it is the plan.
The same contractor is also going to be performing the work on Hill Road (Seymour to city limits), Seymour (Miller to city limits), and Bristol Road (Elms to city limits). These projects will be limited in their scope (ashpaht resurfacing only) and much quicker. Milling of Seymour may start the week of May 2nd. Traffic should be open in all directions with a flagging crew in place, but altnerate routes are advised. Bristol Road will require some base/drainage work. We plan to push this off until the Morrish Road detour is no longer required. No dates have been set for the Hill Road cap as of writing.