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City Street Information Downloads

Water Outage Wednesday, Aug. 2nd

Water will be off tomorrow 8/2/17 approximately  8:30 am until around 3:00 pm on the following streets:

Seymour from Young to Miller

Chesterfield from Daval to Eaton & Natalie

July Street Update Supplement

Preventative maintenance on streets slated for the slurry seal is expected to occur between July 25th and Juily 28th.

Ingalls Street and Abbey Lane are slated for resurfacing. This will include some curb replacement, milling of the top asphalt layer, and replacement with new asphalt. Ingalls Street, between School and Fairchild is proposed for narrowing, which will include a new curb and sidewalk installation on the north side. This change will eliminate onstreet parking, increase pedestrian safety, and lower the design speed. This project is expected to be substantially complete in mid-September.

July Street Update

The city will be completing a ‘cape seal’ project on the following streets:

1st Street

2nd Street

3rd Street

Brady: Ingalls to Miller

Jennie Lane

Ford: Ingalls to Miller

Hayes: Ingalls to Miller

Mclain Street

Wade Street

The contractor intends to begin July 25th and complete all work by July 27th. The treatment will include chip seal application with a top coat of asphalt slurry. For those in the downtown area, this surface treatment will resemble the maintenance that occurred approximately eight years ago. This form of maintenance has an expected life of 5-10 years.

The application of this surface treatment will close the streets to through traffic and will limit drive access during application for limited periods of time.

City Streets Updates - June 2017

Reconstruction is progressing well as we approach summer!

Forestry activities are complete.

Worchester – Water main has been installed, pressure tested, chlorinated and bacterial analysis has been completed. Service installation is expected to begin on June 13.

Chesterfield – Water main has been installed, pressure tested and chlorinated. Samples were taken on June 12.

Winston – Water main installation is underway and should be complete by June 14.

Storm Sewer - Survey was out Friday and today staking the new storm sewer on Worchester, Chesterfield. The contractor anticipates starting this work on or before June 19.

Preservation work on select downtown streets is expected to occur in late June. The disruption should be minimal.

May 2017 Update

Forestry is substantially complete in the reconstruction area. Water main is to be delivered beginning May 12, with excavation activities expected to begin on or soon after May 15.

Staging for construction is to take place ihn Winshall Park, near Whitney Court. Equipment and materials will be here throughout the duration of the project.

Waste and recycling is still planned for curbside pickup.

Driveway interuptions will occur as necessary to trench water main, remove/replace curb/sidewalk/drive approaches. The estimated interuptions that are expected to deny access are overnight is set at 6-8 days. The contract will inform you in advance of these interuptions and indicate where you should be able to park.

Contact city hall with questions at 810.635.4464.