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City Streets Updates - October 2016

Overband crack sealant is being applied to many miles of major and local streets, beginning October 12, 2016. This will create a bumpy ride for a few weeks, but it should settle in nicely by the time winter weather rolls in. Please be mindful of construction workers! The city has also contracted with a company to stripe the impacted roads so that we have visible markings for those long, dark winter commutes.

Concerning traffic circles and other features, there are no plans to include these in the upcoming street reconstruction projects (see the link for upcoming repairs and maintenance). However, pedestrian medians (islands) may be considered after bids are received in the spring. Please note that those streets slated for reconstruction are also proposed to have water main replaced. This means that the side with the existing water main shall be excavated, with all trees, sidewalk, and driveway approaches removed. This work is expected to be prolonged, beginning in April and ending in November. It will be unpleasant, with interruptions to access, waste collection, and water pressure. Please pardon the dust. Contact city hall with questions at 810.635.4464.

City Streets Updates

This page will be used to keep you up to date on the latest road construction projects in the City of Swartz Creek over the next many years to come.